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We try to keep things as simple as possible. Of course there are always some questions that arise, and  we try to answer them in the FAQ below. 

If you still have something to ask us, no worries! Just reach out via the form in the below or through WhatsApp!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we do take E-bikes on the Trail Taxi. We do however have a limit of maximum 6 E-bikes per shuttle. If you ride an E-bike please let us know when booking! 

Riding Level

Always a tricky one but it is safe to say the mixed shuttle days are not for the beginners. We can vary the riding level a bit during the day, but many of the trails are natural, have rock gardens, roots, exposure and tight switchbacks. 

How to find the way

GPX files and modern technology do a great job in showing the way these days. If you don't know what a GPX file is or never navigated with a map before, you're better off signing up on one of our guided shuttle days. 

Cancelling by us 

It is rare, but in the case we need to cancel the shuttle day we will reach out to you by phone. Of course you will receive a full refund, or you can reschedule to a day in the future. 

Cancelling by you

Life is unpredictable and it can happen that you need to cancel the day you booked. Up until 48 hours, you are free to cancel and will receive a 100% refund. If we are closer to the shuttle day, you will only get a refund if we manage to find a substitute rider. 

Bad weather

The weather in the Valais tends to be better compared to other parts of the alps, but even here it sometimes gets too mucky to enjoy the ride.

We always keep an eye on the forecast and on the Wednesday before the weekend we make a final decision. If there is rain forecasted for the weekend we will cancel the day and provide a full refund. No one wants to ride in the rain and we don't enjoy cleaning the van either! 

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