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Ride More! 

The Trail Taxi is here to take you to the top of the finest trails the Swiss Valais. 

We offer single uplift, full day shuttle services with or without guide. 

Get in touch and let's create memories together!



We love the Valais trail network with all our heart, so it only makes sense to give back and donate our time to trail maintenance.

We work closely together with the Entretrail organisation to help maintain the trails and help with trail access in the region.

Also, burning fossil fuels just for pleasure is not the most ideal way to support the environment. But we do try our best to run a sustainable operation. 

To compensate for the emissions we create with a day out on the mountain we decided to plant a tree through for every person that books a full day shuttle on the Trail Taxi. 


"Amazing service with a variety of trails...
If you want an epic day or days riding with alpine singletrack and long descends, Trail Taxi is your way..."

Christos Makridis


The Trails

With more than 20 years of MTB experience, we can confidently tell a decent trail from an epic one. 

If you tell us what you're after we can point you in the right direction, or connect with a local guide to show you the goods.

To get an idea of the stuff there is to ride, check out Trail Taxi TV on YouTube! 


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