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Col de Mille - A Bucketlist Trail


The Col de Mille

Right opposite of the famous Verbier Bikepark lies an epic piece of trail that offers a smashing 1800m descent on some of the most spectacular terrain the Alps have to offer.

Starting off in Le Chable, you can take the Trail Taxi up to the village of La Cot at 1700m altitude. From there, you start the genre fire road climb up towards the viewpoint at 2100m (with the cross). Here you drop into a nice piece of uppy downy singletrack to break the grind. Bonus points if you can ride it all! The trail spits you back out, roughly 100m lower back onto the jeep track that will lead you past the Ecuries de Mille farm, and up the steep hiking trail to the top of the Col de Mille. Depending on the season you can drop in at the Cabana de Mille for a snack, lunch or even spend the night.

It is here at almost 2500m altitude where you drop into the descent. Heading North the singletrack is partly exposed, filled with the odd rock section and technical passage. The Trail Crew has done a lot of work on this descent over the years, and made 97% of the trail rideable. Arriving at the Golassons Lake you can make a pit stop for a quick swim or picnic, before continuing West down the snaking singletrack towards Foret du Montanay. Here you turn Northbound, all the way down to Versegers, and following the river back to Le Chable.

Trail Taxi can bring you up from Le Chable for 15CHF per person for a single uplift.

Don't like climbing? No problem! We offer a 'Half a Mille' route that cuts the climbing to 250m but still gives a 1000m descent.

Ride time - 3-4 hours

Climbing - 900m

Descending - 1800m

Distance - 23km

Technical level - 3/5 (Exposure,Switchbacks, Rock Sections, Singletrack)

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1 Comment

Jarno Hoogland
Jarno Hoogland
Jan 05, 2023

That looks amazing!

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